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Gone due to needing to save money but

left bemused mostly by BT.

I don't know if I should bother to write this because to many, people are disposable.  I was shown an option to move companies and save money so I contacted BT, showed them so they could match and keep my custom but they refused so lost my pitiful spending entirely. 

Had to do my 30 day exit which they agreed should be on my bill date so everything is flush and neat. Pay last bill, done. Next company bill gets paid a month later so fluidity and penny saving is hassle free.



My contract legally ended 21st June.

So I contact CS asking two questions : So how much do I owe given I am legally out of contract and will you be adding a late payment charge ?

"The bill is generated automatically so we don't know?"

My thought : well this really does seem like rocket science. At worst they have misaligned my leaving and bill date as an overlap meaning a bill has been generated for the actual last day 21/6

Factor in that my new service (not BT) started on the 19th and BT service refused to connect on that day at about 1.30am. Put in the new service router, connected everything and I had service immediately. 

So I am I think being charged less than £1 for that overlap day service that I couldn't connect to anyway and I suspect I will be getting a late payment charge. BECAUSE I don't have money to pay a bill twice. They don't know how much it is and they say 

"Pay the full amount and we will refund you the difference".

Look BT, while you are clearly struggling with cost of living crisis, only having a worth of £12.28 billion, I am a little less well off. In that over £12 billion amount of worth, do you think you could take a math class and confirm me how much I actually owe due to your staff mistake of tying my leave date to the day my bill is due, not the day it ends ?

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Re: Gone due to needing to save money but

7 days after your service ends and the account closes, that is when a final bill is generated.

Even though you asked to cease your services, the billing cycle will run as normal, once the service ends the final bill will recalculate and refund anything previously billed in advance past the cease date.

To avoid any late payment charges or your credit file being marked late, it's advisable to pay the BT bill as you will be refunded any advance charges.

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£0.67 equals automated threats

Sorry but you guys made a mess of me leaving to another provider. Now you say I have to give you £20 or

Your payment is overdue

Please pay your bill by 11 Jul 2023 to avoid a £7.50 late payment charge.

We agreed my 30 days runs (more than 30 days before it ended) out on the 21st. The same day my bill is due. But that made it an overlap so I think I owe you 67p. 

You won't confirm the amount. 

You guys need to get your house in order. 

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