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Home essentials

Hi, I am currently a virgin media customer but as their prices have gone up to much I am thinking about leaving and going on home essentials plan as I'm on benefits.

Have a couple of questions firstly what is the maximum speed on the home essentials plan that u can have? Is it 80/20? Is that on home essentials 2? Does bt still offer that? Also I would need a new line as there isn't one here anymore, but I have recently found out that there is fibre to the property at my address that's available, if I was to go ahead would openreach install a fibre to the property connection or would it be fibre to the cabinet so copper line? Any help be nice thanks 

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Re: Home essentials

Have a look at :

You'll need to call the number on that page to order. There's the home essentials fibre 2 with average speeds of 67mbps

As for full fibre - if you are in a area where Openreach full fibre is available then yes you may be switching to the full fibre infrastructure as part of the broadband package.

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Re: Home essentials

You can get virgin essentials broadband if you are on qualifying benefits.  I cannot post the link to web page but just Google it

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