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Horrifically Poor Customer Service - Fibre - how do I resolve?

Very long story as short as poss...  I took out a new complete package as a new customer a few months ago, had some issues, so BT switched me to Full Fibre - issues didnt get resolved.  The issues are poor wifi range at extremities in my home.  I've logged numerous complaints - every one has been closed off as "resolved", even though i get no replt, or details of anything & certainly no "resolution".

I got back in touch last week and some finally promised to deal with it. I  was offered a switch back to complete, at no cost (because of this ongoing issue) and then 2 extra discs to help extend - i firmly believe this will probably resolve the issues.

Since then - ive had no details, no discs, no emails, no confirmation - Complete silence.  I saved  the saved transcript from the call offering this fix, but since then - no-one in BT  will acknowledge it.  No-one will take ownership, I get bounced from caller to caller with no-one willing to deal with it.  So far at least 6 other agents have literally shouldered it off to "Charlotte" who made this offer.... telling me she needs to call me.  Only - "Charlotte" clearly hasnt done anything, or has any intention of calling.    

What do I have to do to get anything resolved?  Its ok for BT to take my money - they sure as hell don't want to offer me any service in return.  It's appalling.

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Re: Horrifically Poor Customer Service - Fibre - how do I resolve?

Hi @Ian_Hill

Thank you for your post and welcome back!

I am sorry for the problems with your recent order.  I appreciate the time you have spent trying to get everything resolved.  We'll be happy to pick up from here to find out what's happening with the order and stay with you until everything is sorted out.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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