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How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment

Hi all, first post in this community and hoping to get so some advice.

Moved in to a new build apartment in April and have been trying to get broadband service into the property. When I initially placed an order, it got cancelled after a day because the address is new and wasn't registered on the system to have any service so it got cancelled. Now I'm currently going back and forth with sales advisors about getting my address updated to a "Gold" address but that hasn't progressed after 3 weeks. Now they're trying to sell me a landline package "to get things moving" but it's not the type of service I'm after and I don't want to be locked into a contract that I don't need.

The issue myself and other residents in the apartment have is that the building have Openreach lines set up by the developers in a communal area on the ground floor supplying the lines to each flat but nothing connected from the outside to these. Some residents of the apartment have been trying to get this set up since December/January and lost count on the number of engineers and surveyors visits. Some say it's "easy to do" and some turn up and say there's nothing they can do but regardless..... it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.

We've tried speaking with the developers and they said it's Openreach that needs to install the lines and there's nothing they can do to push this work and they're refusing to contact Openreach.

Below is a copy of what the btwholesales address checker says:


I totally understand Openreach is phasing out copper lines and it will have to be FTTP which is the service I want.  As I am working from home, I would like to be able to at least sign up to a service to use the Connect Hub as a start but that's still not possible as my orders get cancelled. The main thing is, what do I need to do to move this in the right direction so I my address can be registered for a service and to get Openreach to send the right engineers to connect the fibre into the property?

Thank you 

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

Do you have an outstanding order for service, from BT Retail?

Openreach will not connect anything without an order from a provider?

Did the developer contact Openreach during the build process, to ensure that optical fibre was run to the development?

Analogue landlines are no longer available.

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment


Its also possible that only copper cables were run to the communal area. Openreach are not phasing out copper services, so its possible that only VDSL connections which are over copper, are available.

Apartments would not normally be fed overhead, which is why it says there is a line of sight problem.

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment

from your post your live in an apartment block but the checker you posted for the address refers to a single dwelling with overhead feed so obviously address not recorded correctly

if you still need openreach to connect the actual apartment block to external fibre then that is up to developer to liaise with openreach.  as @Keith_Beddoe  openreach will not install fibre connection to your apartment until you can place an order and you cannot place an order until developer gets openreach to complete installation to apartment block

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment


Thank you for your response.

I don't have an outstanding order at the moment because BT sales say they can't put any orders through on my address at the moment which I think is why they're trying to update my address to a gold address but that isn't working despite multiple phonecalls with BT over the last few weeks. I did try placing an order first time round but that got cancelled after a day.

Really not sure how much the developers spoke to Openreach but they claimed they've done what they needed to do but based on the situation of the apartment, it is skeptical. Despite reching out to the developer, they keep saying it's not their responsibility and Openreach are the ones that need to drill a hole into the apartment to connect the cable.

More than happy to provide you with more info if you need but it does feel we're stuck.

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment


My guess is that the connections in the communal area, is just an internal copper DP. 

If the developer started the build before FTTP was the norm, then only copper cabling would be installed, and internal wiring to each apartment would need to be run.

The chances are, that there is no fibre infrastructure, and the records are indicating a nearby single residential property.

@Pankeki  You need to ask the developer whether optical fibre cables were installed. You could look in the communal are yourself, and see if there is just a copper distribution box.


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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment

So really, we need to get the developers to do something and it's not up to us resident to resolve it through BT.

Though I believe some residents have been able to put an order through which is why engineers and surveyors have been coming to the site but as I mentioned, nothing progressed after many visits.
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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment


Openreach would normally provide a single fibre connection for the whole block of apartments, and then install an optical splitter and optical feeds to each apartment, and then fit an ONT.

I would suggest that none of this has been done, so you are stuck.

As this is a Developer/Openreach issue, this forum is not going to be able to help.

I would suggest you take a look yourself, to see what infrastructure exists.

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment

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Re: How to get Openreach to install FTTP into a new build apartment

@Keith_Beddoe @imjolly 

There are just lots of black cables and some white cables in the communal area, no ONT or boxes to be found. I assume all these cables are the ones that go up to the individual flats because we all have similar cables hanging out in the store cupboard in our flats (sorry tried shrinking the photo to fit file size limit but still can't get it work work). 

What else can I check to see what infrastructure is in place apart from the communal area?

I've just read the link you sent and does seem like a similar issue. I guess ultimately you're saying it's a developer/Openreach issue. Will try to get hold of the developer and see what they can do. *Fingers crossed*

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