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Re: How to see ALL landline calls



Yes, I want to be able to prove to HM Gov that I called one of their numbers multiple times - but in general, I would like a list of calls going out anyway (and I thought that is what I had set up). No point having a list that includes 0 price calls to std nos, but that then ignores other numbers. I just don't see the point in what that is supposed to show.

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Re: How to see ALL landline calls

BT will hold the numbers that you have called from your phone and that will include 0800 numbers. 

Assuming you are the account holder, the first port of call would be to customer services 0800.800.150 and ask them to send you a full list of calls between the dates that you are interested in.

If that is met with a blank I would then lodge a complaint and to see what their reason is for not disclosing that information to you, the account holder, and depending on the reply a follow up to the CEO might get results.

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Re: How to see ALL landline calls

Am in the same position with HMG Pensions and want to demonstrate to them that multiple calls over multiple days have been made but not answered by them.
Did you get anywhere with this?
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