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Hybrid Connect

I was sold Halo 3+ in September, but as I have no EE signal in the house, the Hybrid Connect could not be installed. I have recently asked myself, am I actually getting the service I have been paying for? I queried this with BT on the phone, and they were very helpful, telling me that I would be changed to Halo 3.  After a few days with no communication I called again, and was told the change was ‘pending’, and eventually was told that I must abide by the contract.  Is this fair treatment of a loyal customer? I get excellent speeds, and have no complaint other than this purely financial one.

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Re: Hybrid Connect

Hi @Ravens22   Did you not realise that Hybrid Connect wasn't for you as it doesn't work during the 14 day cooling off period?

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Re: Hybrid Connect

Thanks. Yes I realise now that I should have made my complaint then. The engineer just shrugged his shoulders and left. I don’t even know what the cost difference is between Halo 3 and 3+. I am probably making a fuss about nothing. I just recorded that I had two completely different experiences when I phoned the help line: the first very helpful, the second, very negative, even to the point of saying that Hybrid Connect is not a paid for extra, but just a convenience.

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