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I am not a BT customer... Some Feedback.

2/23 I was "gifted" the emails of bills, sign up information, and other customer milestones.  I tried reaching out on occasion on twitter, and email and so far I have been told I should do nothing.  I do not know why your fiber customer doesn't realize they don't get their bill emails .. never signed up for there discounts, missed other new customer discounts, etc.  Honestly, it sounds like its been pretty crappy for the things they might have missed.

So here I am sitting on their email that their last bill failed to pay, they already missed their subsides, and they don't even know their next bill is a double bill from the missed payment.

So here I am "applauding you" looking out for the customers, and telling me to keep these emails that are meaningless to me and just annoying non-customers also.

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Re: I am not a BT customer... Some Feedback.

Hi @---,

Thanks for taking the time to join our Community to tell us about the emails that you are getting.

It sounds like someone used your email address instead of their own. It could have a very similar spelling.

I'd like to try and get to the bottom of this for you and get those messages stopped.

I'm going to send you a private message with some questions that might help us narrow this down.

Thank you

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