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I need help - I can't get my Broadband connected and BT seem incapable of helping

Dear Forum,

I'm desperate for help. I have been trying to get connected to BT Broadband for 86 days and it's proving impossible. Nobody from BT seems able to help me, I just get usual list of excuses and promises. Has anyone got any idea of how to escalate problems and find someone that can actually help?

I don't know whether to go to the Ombudsman or take legal advice I'm getting that desperate.

Highlights of my experiences detailed below:

  • Ordered BT Broadband on August 3rd 2022.
  • Requested standard broadband package but was advised by BT that I had to go for a Full Fibre package – this was my only option.
  • Reluctantly I agree and ordered a BT Full Fibre monthly package in good faith.
  • 86 days after ordering broadband I am still not connected.
  • I have called BT service centre between 75-100 times to get resolved and get the same list of excuses over and over and over and over again.
  • At each complaint I am assured it has been ‘escalated’ and everything is being done to help. I get advised I will get an update ‘in 10 days time’ and each time there is the same list of excuses.
  • The issue is apparently with OpenReach.
  • Having followed this pattern over and over again I was promised that OpenReach would do the outside work at my property on 27.10.22.
  • I cancelled work engagements to be at home for the day – nobody from OpenReach came to my property.
  • On 28.10.22 without notification the EE min hub that has been providing my family with limited internet access was switched off by BT.
  • I have now been informed that another one has been ordered that will take two working days – which means no limited internet access until Tuesday 1st November for me (wfh) and my family.
  • Following another call with BT Service Centre this morning (28.10.22) I have no clarity whatsoever on when my broadband will be connected.
  • I simply can’t fathom why someone at BT can’t just call someone at OpenReach to explain that this is unacceptable and ask them to prioritise the work I need, but seems beyond everyone at BT.
  • I have never known such dreadful customer service from any company. There is no accountability or willingness to resolve my issue.
  • If I could choose another company I would, but as you know OpenReach have a complete monopoly in my area so I have no choice, which allows this sort of service to be acceptable without any penance.
  • I have made several complaints that have gone nowhere apart from the internal BT system as there is no escalation point whatsoever it seems.


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Re: I need help - I can't get my Broadband connected and BT seem incapable of helping

Hi @AlanMac1

Welcome to the BT Community and thank you for your post!

I am sorry for the delay connecting your broadband.  That's a very long time to be waiting and I can completely understand the frustration having to spend your own time chasing for an update.

From what you've written, it sounds like the install isn't straightforward however the least I'd expect would be that you've been fully informed what the issue is; and what the next steps are until you're up and running.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: I need help - I can't get my Broadband connected and BT seem incapable of helping

Hahaha just had an update from BT

They have escalated again with OpenReach and expect to hear from them in 10 days!!!!

What a complete shambles of a company

88 days with no connection

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