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Inability to Renew Online

When I go to "MyBT" one section says "Don't forget your broadband discount is ending" and it is followed by a "Renew now" button.  When I click on that button I get the "Sorry, we can't show you any personalised deals at the moment" response just as others have reported.

There are no outstanding orders or faults and I see no reason for this inconsistency. Perhaps it is just poor web site design or, possibly, just a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

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Re: Inability to Renew Online

You would be better to phone the Retentions Team 0800.800.030 and negotiate a better deal.

Before calling check out what other providers are offering so that you can show that you have looked around.

If you don't get the deal you want call back later and try again. If the deals are still not better than what you can get with another provider be prepared to move.

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Re: Inability to Renew Online


You are, of course quite right from a practical point of view. However, it is still disappointing, and a bit frustrating, that BT cannot get the different parts of their web site to work together.

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Re: Inability to Renew Online

I am not making excuses for BT as their web sites have always had issues of incorrect information or not loading correctly,  links not working etc but on this occasion it may be because of the merger with EE and the joint products being updated. 

Of course that could not be the case and it is just the usual incompetence of the BT web team.

In any event you are best to call for the best deals.