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Line Rental Saver - not eligible?

So - 'interesting' experience tonight!

I am now on the 'digital phone service' - not by choice I hasten to add - thus far failed a few times requiring reset -  probably had it for a year (ish).

The way I was lead to believe things went - after a bit of research after asking the question as to why now was I still paying 'land' line rental when my phone service was being delivered over my BB connection which I was also paying for - was that I was now paying for a line rental i.e. my BB line into my house.

OK - I thought - bit of a con - you're paying for BB and as such should include the method of delivery (the line) - but such is life - suck it up and move on - until tonight. Previously I have had (land) line rental saver, and as such received an email to renew it a couple of weeks ago. Clicked the link to renew - just went to a generic BT page. Did some more digging and found a page that allows me to renew. Clicked that and got:


You are on Standard Line Rental. This is the option available to you on your line.

So I am paying line rental, but cannot get line rental saver as I am full digital? What gives? Anyone had similar experience but seems I am being squeezed from both directions - have to pay line rental but cannot have line rental saver?

Anyone had similar experience - although the saver savings is minimal in this day and age I am up for saving a few quid regardless of how little it is - before I head to BT to complain (again!).