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Missed a bill, hit with a £6k early termination fee BT are insisting I pay before they reconnect?

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Signed up to a business BT Cloud system for under 10 employees around November time.

It appears the account hasn't been set up correctly, no invoicing contact details for my company, wrong postal address for the office and we keep missing the email prompting us to pay the bill. Subsequently BT are disconnecting us then the whole process starts again with porting our number, setting up the cloud system, missing the bills and the cycle continues.

Tried numerous times to speak with BT about this and was told yesterday we owe in excess of £10,000 which includes an early termination fee. We don't want to cancel the service, we're trying to make sure the admin is correct so we don't keep getting disconnected. 

I was told yesterday by somebody in their billing department until we pay this cost they won't reconnect us. Surely we can just pay the outstanding line rental for Feb & March and we're good? I need to also add, we've never actually used the phone system since the day we had it - poor signal i'm guessing it's our broadband? The only charges we have are the line rental so how is it so much?

Please can someone share some thoughts on this?



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Re: Missed a bill, hit with a £6k early termination fee BT are insisting I pay before they reconnec

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this is a residential forum  you need to post here

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