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Moving home and BT Broadband Contract Renewal Conflicting Information

Hi all,

I'm in the middle of moving house and wanted to transfer my current Broadband & BT TV contract with BT to the new address. The BT website directed me to call the home move team on 0800 783 0235 to arrange the change over.

When I was speaking to the agent on the phone they informed me I would have to start a new 24 month contract as I'm "transferring to a different property". I don't want to start a new 24 month contract, I want to keep my current remaining period on my contract (14 Months). What the agent said to me didn't sound right to me so I stopped the process to reconsidering my options and decide if I want to terminate my contract early.

After ending the call I did some digging on the terms for transferring my broadband over and it states on the website (; "Any term remaining on your existing broadband contract will be transferred to your new address if you take the same service there. However, if the term on your broadband contract is less than three months, a new three-month contract will apply at your new address". 

Has anyone one experienced something similar and managed to resolve it? Or is there any one who can confirm what the website is stating is accurate and up to date.


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Re: Moving home and BT Broadband Contract Renewal Conflicting Information

Hi @00elutle, welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. 

Your contract should continue but if you're upgrading your package it will start a new contract. You could try placing your order online at: Moving home with BT | BT or if you need to call again and speak with the Home Move team and if they're saying you have a new contract clarify the reason for it with them. 



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