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MyBT says I’m on a 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub plan not Halo 3

FTTP installation failed due to no handy power socket.
Meanwhile BT/Openreach cut off existing broadband, so BT sent me an EE mini hub pending new appointment for FTTP on Nov 14.

I installed the MyBT app. This tells me that my plan is 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub and tacks onto my BT Account a mobile number, and a contract period for this mobile number that ends 27/10/2024.

I never asked for a mobile number. BT never sent a sim card for this mystery number. As far as I know I upgraded to Halo 3 (stupidly reverting to free landline calls for an extra £10 a month - hoping to cancel that, but that’s another story).

If I log into my BT account online, not via the MyBT app, I can’t check what plan I’m on - Halo 3 or this bizarre “4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub” with added mystery mobile number that comes without a sim - because BT tells me:

<<<<< Hi xxxx You've ordered something from us, and we need to finish your order before you can see personalised TV or broadband deals. But you can still add mobile with us. >>>>>

Can someone please explain what is going on here?

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Re: MyBT says I’m on a 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub plan not Halo 3

Hi @FloFosterJenkins,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry if the account details on the My BT are confusing.

I think what's happened is the mobile number you're seeing is linked to the 4G Mini Hub. The Mini Hub uses a mobile network and needs to have a mobile number for it to work.  With regards to the package details, because you're order is still open, the plan details won't show correctly until the order is completed. I suspect the contract end of 27/10/2024 reflects the original date your order was meant to be completed.

Your My BT should update itself to show the correct information once the FTTP order is completed on the 14th of November.




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Re: MyBT says I’m on a 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub plan not Halo 3

Many thanks, Paddy.
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Re: MyBT says I’m on a 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub plan not Halo 3

MyBT app doesn’t report that the second attempt to upgrade to FTTP failed, nor divulge the reason that the Morrisons engineer gave.

Meanwhile the EE temporary gadget keeps running out of battery. We’re having to piggyback off the neighbours, and we have no phone.

The Morrisons engineer didn’t know that BT/Openreach had cut off the broadband on the previous visit, and could have removed the now redundant box. He gave some **bleep**-and-bull story that his detecting equipment was showing red. He needs to drill just a few shallow holes to fit the UNT and the external box. I assured home that this 1911 house has double brick walls, and there is no way that there are embedded pipes or cables. The wall where the ONT should go has no embedded pipes or cables (the previous engineer fixed the Openreach G-fast box with no such concern). This guy said that he’d drilled through a cable at a job last week and had to pay £600 out of his own pocket. He also said that the truck with hoist required to access the pole had got stuck in mud at Welwyn.

I’m spitting tacks.

Please send a template for the fixings of the external box. The engineer told me where it would go, said he’d left a template (I had to nip out for 15 mins) when I said I’d drill the holes myself …. turned out to be the template for the simple shallow fixings for the ONT.

So if I prepare all holes for those two fixings, what else will BT throw at us to thwart the upgrade to FTTP? (Oh, it’s all so easy, says BT/Openreach). Meanwhile it’ll be another 2/3 week wait for the next appointment. And I’m paying BT ££££s for no service whatsoever.

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