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Name change on returns bag

I’ve sent a returns bag to my old address that a housemate still lives at so the broadband hub can be returned and I avoid a charge for not returning. However I’ve moved out and have set up a postal redirect since. There was no option to change/input another postal recipient name for the returns bag. I assume my name will be on the postage item and it will be redirected to my new address which isn’t what I want. I need the bag to get to my old address and avoid redirection. Is there a way to manually change the address name? 

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Re: Name change on returns bag

You could try calling BT 0800.800.150 and ask them to send a returns bag in the name of your friend at your old address however that may not be possible because it is generally sent to the BT account holder and is registered against that name.

If one is sent out in your name and the bag gets redirected to your present address, when you receive it why don't you just stick it in a bag/envelope and post it to your friend at your old address.

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