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Need to reset email + phone number linked to MyBT account

I no longer have access to the email address or mobile phone number that was used to set up my MyBT account.

I've tried to access the account by entering the answer to my security question, but the form won't proceed - it just gives an error message.

I've tried creating a new MyBT account using my current email address - but it won't let me have two accounts with the same BT ID.

How can I reset my account so that I can log in? 

@DavidM can you help? 

Thank you!

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Re: Need to reset email + phone number linked to MyBT account

Hi @IMB30, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. 
So as I understand it you no longer use the email address that you set up your BTID with. In that case have you tried to set up a new BTID using an email address that has not been used for a BTID before?
If you still can't set up your BTID then it would be best to give us a call or message us: Broadband | BT Help and get your contact details updated. Once this is completed you should be able to set up the new BTID.



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