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New Broadband Connection Issue - Openreach Engineer failed twice

We have recently moved house and started a new BT contract on 24th Feb.  Initial Openreach engineer appointment was for Mon 13th Mar (PM) but engineer failed to turn up or contact me, when I contacted BT apparently the engineer did not have the correct key for Cabinet Box.  Second engineer appointment setup for Tue 21st Mar (AM), and again engineer failed to turn up, this time called me after appointment time to tell me he didn't have the correct key for the Cabinet Box.  Just had contact from BT/Openreach today offering me a new appointment for Tue 4th April.  The house we moved into had an active BT Broadband connection up till Feb this year.

In the interim BT have sent us a 4G mini-hub, which currently provides us between 10-15 Mbps and is insufficient for both my wife and I to work from home simultaneously.  I have already taken a week of annual leave as I couldn't work and then had two days travel to London (from Scotland) this week to be able to work in my office.  Currently am 'time-sharing' the 4G mini-hub with my wife so we can both work.

How can I speak to someone in BT and/or Openreach who will take this matter seriously and do something to get it resolved quickly?  Today is day 27 since I started my BT contract and I don't think that it is reasonable that we're expected to wait another 13 days for another Openreach engineer who may(or may not) be able to successfully setup our broadband.  

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Re: New Broadband Connection Issue - Openreach Engineer failed twice

Hi @DougMcC

I am so sorry that the engineers failed to go out to you and also failed to have the keys for the cabinet. It does sound poor. I can have my team check into this for you and see if anything can be done to help. I can't guarantee that we can get it moved any sooner but it's worth checking for you. You can reply back to the private message that I sent to you.


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