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New contract

An engineer was suppose to come to my house today to give me full fibre and install my new equipment (which arrived a week ago). I took the day off work for this only for no one to show up and then to be told that the offer of £31.99 a month wasn’t available and the cheapest they could go was £51.99 a month. Having been a BT customer for over 15 yrs I thought I’d be treated better, but apparently not. Apparently sorry was the only thing they could offer me, no money off my contract for having wasted a day off, nothing. They asked if I was receiving benefits as they could give me a discount then, so working is now going against me also. What has this world turned to???? It seems BT are only interested in making money and to hell with the customers (not even a phone call to say my contract was in limbo as the person quoted and that’s why no one called over). I’ve canceled my contract and the 2 direct debits I had (one they set up a month ago, the new one for the £31.99 a month)  and the second one for the old contract (which I was told they would cancel once they set up the new one). Shame on you BT  😡

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Re: New contract

Why would you have 2 direct debits setup as a customer for 15 years though? Were they or you trying to setup a brand new account?

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