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New order cancelled, despite 2 calls saying it was sorted

Is there no-one at BT who knows what is going on and can give correct information?

New order placed on Wed 25th May, very pleased with my new package and looking forward to getting it up and running.  Got a message on Fri 27th saying BT needed to talk to me about order - apparently couldn't transfer old phone number as other provider had cancelled it.  Rang and spoke to a lovely lady called Tracy who sorted it and said she would get me a new number once the broadband was installed on 16th June.  Confirmed by text message.  Great.

Tues 31st another message saying BT needed to talk to me about my order, assumed it was the same problem so didn't ring in.  Another message on Friday 3rd June and another on Tues 7th, so I rang in again and spoke to a gentleman this time.  Went through the problem again and was told no problem, he would leave it to Tracy to give me a new number as per earlier message and I should ignore any further messages.  Again confirmed by text.

Wed 8th,  the day after I spoke to BT  - my order was cancelled.  Mandy rang to tell me this, so I explained all of the above and she said they would have to make a new order.  I wasn't very happy with this and wanted to know if I could still keep the installation date of the 16th, as I had made arrangements to be at home to let the engineer in.  Mandy said she would find out and ring me the following day.

Next day, Steven rang, didn't know about this, said he would have to put the order though first to see if I could still get installation on the 16th but as it was now the 9th it was unlikely.  I  explained that this was not what I had agreed with Mandy, but we just kept going around in circles.  I was so frustrated by this point that I just hung up.

So my question is, why are you telling people everything is sorted and ok, when it clearly isn't and you can't actually resolve the issue at all.  People aren't just sitting in their homes all day to let engineers in.  I made arrangements to be here and had been reassured twice that the order was ok and was going ahead and now you have just cancelled it all.  I am shocked and saddened at this level of service.  Guess I'll try Sky!



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Re: New order cancelled, despite 2 calls saying it was sorted

I had similar problems when my service was moved over from Plusnet. It was a complete shambles with the changeover being delayed by almost a month and my original phone line being terminated weeks before the rescheduled changeover date, despite being assured that it wouldn't happen. I'm moving to Zen once my contract ends in just under 18 months, especially since they keep hiking the price well above inflation.

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Re: New order cancelled, despite 2 calls saying it was sorted

Hi @Kes28 and welcome to our community.

I'm really sorry your order has been cancelled. I'm sure I can find out what's happening here. I'll need a few details so I'll drop you over a private message now so you can get in touch.



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