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OpenReach has wrong address


I’ve been a BT customer for 5 years now. Im moving into a new build property this Friday and went through the “move” process with BT however at the time the new address was not present on Royal Mails system so the phone operator just put my address as number 2 as opposed to 2B (same street). 

I called today and 2 days prior to moving in and the girl over the phone said she can’t change it now and to just wait for them to turn up. (I have my new router). Will they call me prior to turning up to the slot? The openreach fibre point is already installed in the house, so I assume it’s a matter of it being activated at the box. 

I obviously don’t want them turning up to my next door neighbours and it means I’ll have to be waiting outside my house for hours to try grab them! 

Any help would be appreciated! 

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Re: OpenReach has wrong address

Hi @ConnorC and welcome to our community.

Thanks for posting about your order. The engineer will need to access your home to make sure everything is connected. Are there 2 separate properties involved i.e 2 and 2B?



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Re: OpenReach has wrong address

Hi David, thanks for the reply. 

Yeah they’ll have access to my property. It’s just the order says 2 [Street name] as opposed to 2B [Street name].

it’s just the person over the phone put the order through for 2 instead of 2B - so the advice I was given was instead of cancelling the order inevitably causing a delay, when the engineer turns up just let them know it’s for my address not the next door neighbour. 

I’m hoping the engineer will contact me before arriving? 

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