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Order glitch and reactivation

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Ordered fibre 500 and got activation date for 26th October for a new house move.

Router equipment was sent and plugged in and all working well.

Friday morning and internet is fully off. Did some troubleshooting but nothing seems wrong on my end.

Contact support and they say I don't have any active orders and to call billing team!

We go through some bits and it looks like the previous tenants still had a hold on the fibre line which had come to a close on 2nd Dec, and that my activation/order never went through (which I was never notified about)

I was told my original order was to be reinstated asap, and a remote activation was to be performed to get everything working again. They said to keep an eye on my bt for an order to show up, but still nothing has appeared (and I get lots of errors on the track order page)

So I had order confirmation, activation date and equipment sent - nothing to say anything was wrong throughout the whole process.

Can I get an update on what is happening?  The whole house is offline at the moment and we are just burning through mobile data waiting for the router activation.




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Re: Order glitch and reactivation

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If you cannot find any confirmation that a new order has been placed, your best solution is to either place the order yourself so you have the peace of mind that you know it has been placed, or alternatively call up and check the status of what’s happening on your account and to see if a new order has been placed.

The good news is you already have an ONT at the property and existing equipment so activation will be pretty fast and you won’t need to wait for equipment which is pretty good considering the ongoing strike action. 

Do you have any updates as to what’s happened since?

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Re: Order glitch and reactivation

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Hi @squeakybadger, sorry that your order hasn't progressed, and you've now got no internet.

As @sukisü says you would be best to call in and speak with the full fibre team and they'll be able to update you on what's happening with your order.



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Re: Order glitch and reactivation

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Spoke to support this morning, and the order that we tried to reactivate on Friday failed as well (openreach say they have an existing open order which is why it failed)

We have cancelled those orders now and I am scheduled a callback tomorrow to see if we can push through another (and have it work)

Anyone know the usual time it takes to activate a line? I don't fancy having to wait 2 weeks.



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