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Out of Contract


I'm out of contract & on Fibre 2 @ £45 per month getting about 70-75 Mbps

I'm looking to save a bit of money & Virgin offer 108Mbps (this is both with w/end calls)


Would I be able to get my BT close to the Virgin price?

I know no ISP is perfect & Virgin seem to have their fair share of bad reviews,and tbh never really had an issue with BT


So what to do? and how to go about it?




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Re: Out of Contract

Call 150 & select the option for leaving BT & see what they offer. It will be a complete lottery as to who answers the phone & what they offer. Current Fibre 1 price for a new customer is £33 pm. If you are offered a deal, make sure that the impending price rise is included.

Sometimes the only way to get a deal is to place an order with another provider & then wait for a call that may or may not come.

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Re: Out of Contract

So by the sounds of that its going to be a No, if its dearer for a lower package.

I will ring just to make sure though

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Re: Out of Contract

Also factor in possible cashback for moving supplier. Looks like there's £100+ available for that Virgin package.

Bizarrely BT will often say they can't price match, happily see you walk away & then pay you cashback to return next time. It's an an odd business model but then much of BT is equally bizarre.

If you don't know about cashback, drop me a PM.

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Re: Out of Contract

Last year I managed to get fibre 2 for the price of fibre 1 as it was priced then. Only after I told them I had been looking elsewhere for my fibre and was going to switch and was put though to another person who was a sort of supervisor and got fibre 2 for the price of fibre 1.

Member if you get a good BT deal the now your price per month will still go up come 31st March. So I would as what the deal price would be after the price rise. If they offer you the deal.

I know a few people that have Virgin and love the service but say the Virgin customer service is a hit or a miss depending who you get on the phone.


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