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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

What are you talking about, it has absolutely nothing to do with line rental whatsoever for a start.

Secondly, why do you think that you should get an extra service (telephony) but only pay the same as someone that doesn't have the extra service.


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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

£2-3 might not be a lot for you or me, but it is a lot for those living paycheck to paycheck every month, or someone that has to be on a very very tight and controlled budget because their rent or mortgage has suddenly shot up. I'm not wading in this argument and taking sides, just putting that out there.

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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

@chrisjp agree; it’s small beer. But £24-£60pa extra from everyone who has a phone line is easy money for BT! The PAYG charge is invisible in BT’s current list of charges - for a good reason; it’s a scam. Line rental has been £19.99 forever. So (as I said before) -  it’s a back door way of increasing line rental without admitting to it.  
@licquorice The so-called justification for the PAYG surcharge is like propaganda: say it often enough & people will believe it’s true.

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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

Take your argument to its logical conclusion, you think that you shouldn't have to pay extra for BT TV service either.

Why do you keep referring to line rental which is (a) no longer an item and (b) totally irrelevant in the context of PAYG charges.

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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

So you presumably now have broadband and telephony for the ‘list price’ of broadband only and no doubt now feel content that you are not paying what you consider to have been a surcharge, so what should someone who doesn’t want telephony at all , but does want broadband pay ? , the same as you , in which case they are paying the same but not getting a phone service, or they take a service they don’t want , or should they pay less than you after all they are getting less , but ( and this is the crux of the matter ) if they were given a discount for not having telephony, you would complain that you are now paying more than them and in your opinion telephony should be free because historically it was part of line rental, at this point the person without telephony is disadvantaged by paying the same as you again , but you have telephony and they don’t …the logical conclusion of your position is that they have to take telephony regardless of them wanting it or not , or they will always be disadvantaged compared to you .

If you have been provided with PAYG for £0 , it’s still an item on your bill , it’s just been discounted to zero , and no doubt it’s not worth BT trying to argue the toss with someone with your mindset , if your argument is that everyone who pays for PAYG calls should call and get it discounted to £0 , then the only disadvantaged people are those that don’t want telephony at all , as they are paying the same price as those that have telephony ….which as stated ad nauseam , is the entire reason telephony services are billed separately.

If all it took you was a single simple phone call , you could presumably made that call at least 53 days ago , shame it never occurred to you then 


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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

@licquorice not pay extra for BT TV? No of course not - that would just be silly! However if BT had a PAYG option for BT TV, I’d consider it. And of course they wouldn’t expect anyone to pay for that unless they actually used it - unlike the phone line scam.

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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

@iniltous why bother adding up the days? Life’s too short! But I did make the call back then - in fact I tried 5 in 1 day. They accidentally cut me off on hold, then had a systems failure & then didn’t call back (as repeatedly promised) when their systems were back up. So I let it lie until it suited me, ie after Christmas. 

If BT decide to give a discount to anyone without telephony - that's up to them & not my concern. If you get it - good luck. But what is my concern is charging PAYG users more than the line rental. People with a phone line who didn’t use it have always just paid line rental - nothing more. To use another example: anyone with a basic PAYG mobile who doesn’t use it - pays nothing. They still have the facility to make emergency calls etc - but they if they make no chargeable calls they pay nothing. We have one of those in the house. 

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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

Interesting comparison PAYG mobiles , AFAIK, to keep a PAYG ‘active’ you need to top up credit periodically, so if someone had a PAYG mobile for emergencies only and never had the need to use it , then they are giving the PAYG operator an interest free loan  , and what’s more , I dare say any ‘credit’ accumulated cannot be withdrawn, it has to be used on calls / texts , and if you leave that mobile operator any credit built up is lost , not quite the panacea you claim . 
You do your credibility no good when you claim a simple call was all it took ( when pointed out that companies tend to give awkward customers what they want as it’s cheaper in the long run ) and when asked why you didn’t do this much earlier, you contradict your self  by saying you tried and failed a 7 or 8 weeks previously ….anyway , good luck to you.


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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

@Grassmarket1 You really don't understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with the non existent line rental that you keep banging on about.

Telephony is an add on service and is charged as such.

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Re: Pay as you go landline monthly charges?

Ok guys.

I'm locking this thread as the question has been answered and repeating he same thing adds no value.