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Re: Moving Home Disgrace 2

My situation is almost identical!

I used the House Move tool on 26 October for my move scheduled 8 Nov; BT's 'system' cancelled this order -- without informing me! -- the following day, apparently having texted the sellers of the home I was buying but of course had not closed on yet.  System fail nr 1

Upon arriving at the property on 8 Nov, it was evident there was no broadband, no mobile signal, no landline -- although the previous owners had had all of the above, via Vodafone, with no problems.

To date -- 7 December -- I still have NO service, which has caused me to miss:

--language and exercise classes I take online, have paid for,and cannot get refunded;

--joint music practice and performance online, which I have now completely missed the opportunity to contribut too;

--3 days of paid regularly scheduled work, for which I have had to take unpaid leave, costing me about £600 pounds net take home pay

--religious services I normally attend online;

--the ability to have vet consultations online, resulting in me walking 50 minutes with a sick animal as I had no way to call a taxi or other transport;

--no way to be in regular contact with my 97 year old dad overseas, my 91 year old aunt, or my ill cousin, with whom I was in the habit of regular calls (weekly in the case of my dad) short of walking  about 1/2 hour to somewhere with signal.

--having had to arrange hotdesking in a neigbouring town to do my work, which was supposed to be done from home, at a cost of £16 a day in unplanned-for transport expenses...

--all this without mentioning the inability to access even terrestrial TV as entertainment.....


...and the list goes on....


I keep getting reminders to 'return your kit' (a mini-hub that only sporadically works and will not work at all with my work laptop's VPN requirements); and notices that 'part of your order has been cancelled' and the ever-popular 'it's Open Reach's problem'.  I keep getting notices of 'work external to your property' -- but no one has ever seen anyone there... and that information keeps showing up, with no details.  Once I was told 'we came to your property but you weren't there' -- that would probably be because you gave me no notice you were coming, there are no missed calls or text messages on my phone, so I rather doubt anyone showed up at all.  And I won't be able to be there during work hours unless you make a specific appointment, as I'm not willing to lose any more pay.


This is worse than third world treatment (in fact, I lived in a developing country years ago, and my connection took only a few hours)....  your phone staff are lovely, but clearly 'the system' makes it impossible for them to help me.


I am nealry 70, have been walking with a stick lately, and live on my own.  Would you cut off your gran or auntie or older sister like this?  The previous owners had no problems, does this mean I should simply use Vodafone, as they did?  And why are you billing me AT ALL since I've had no service for a month, despite folloiwng all your instructions?

I probably will eat my headgear if you can actually deliver any useful service.


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Re: Moving Home Disgrace 2

I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get personal help from the community or moderators, so please watch this thread for updates.

I have asked a moderator to look at this.

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Re: Moving Home Disgrace 2

I'm so sorry to hear this and it sounds like you are in a worse situation than me. I will certainly be contacting OffCom - see this link for guidance I do hope you get it sorted soon. Appears to me that BT or Open Reach or whoever is just operating scam.
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Re: Moving Home Disgrace 2

Thanks, will look at Offcom link!
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Re: Moving Home Disgrace 2

Hi @smitcheu,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry the activation of your service has been delayed. If you send me your details, I'll be able to take a look at what is happening with the order.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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