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Refer a friend scheme

Question regarding 'Refer a friend scheme' 

I have consulted the full T's & C's for this scheme but can not conclude if it is possible to refer a friend onto a 12 month contact for broadband. 

I have a 12 month student package and have shared the link with a friend, however on the landing page on the friends laptop - all deals presented are 24 month terms. 

Is this just a case of 'non applicable' on any contracts lower than 18/24 months and if it is may I raise a concern. As a student who has a 12 month tenancy or even for someone who might only want a shorter term contact (especially in this day and age) I find it unfair that we also cannot avail of this promotion.

It has a feeling of 'offer available to new customers only', which I believe by now people have realised - if brands don't support loyalty, as a consumer it only irritates and influences next year's renewal to look elsewhere.

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Re: Refer a friend scheme

is your friend a student and therefore can get 12month student broadband otherwise normal new customer terms of 24 months

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Re: Refer a friend scheme

Yes, as outlined above they are a student. I am also a student.

I'm afraid my point may have been missed so allow me to reiterate, I am asking specifically about the refer a friend scheme which BT offer and it's finer terms and conditions which I have also consulted fully, there is no mention of student packages. 


I believe the choice wording is 'Qualifying Broadband Product' - source: BT Broadband Refer a Friend Terms PDF point 9.

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Re: Refer a friend scheme

@Dan2230 - Did you and your friend manage to get £50 each even though he signed up via a student deal?

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Re: Refer a friend scheme

Hi @Akbart

The student deal isn't a qualifying package for the Refer a Friend offer.  Clicking on the Refer a Friend link will show you the available packages that include the £50 as part of that scheme.



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