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Renewal after end of contract

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Hi guys, 

my contract with BT ends in about 2 months.

What happens if I don't renew before the end of the contract?

I am receiving mail of BT reminding me that the contract ends soon and in the mail they state:

"With the end of your contract fast approaching, make sure to take advantage of your renewal offer before your
contract ends."

So if I decide to renew after the contract I will loose my upgrade offer?

I won't be on the home address for a few months, so I am reluctant to make the upgrade now ...
How far in the future can an appointment with OpenReach be if I do the renewal now?

Thanks, Tom

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Re: Renewal after end of contract

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if you don't renew your contract you will automatically move to a rolling monthly contract but you may lose any discounts you receive when you agreed your existing contract.  you can renew anytime after expiry or move to another ISP with 1 month notice and no termination fees

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