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Re: Rip off BT

Well I was a new customer and caught Big Sport when it was on offer for £35 and HD was £6, Full Fibre 900 was £42.99 at the time also.

The Fibre 900 was reduced by £2 as a goodwill gesture given some issue with my original order so my total bill is £81.99, the £2 deduction just I guess protects me from the April hike that everyone does….

None the less, comparatively speaking anything below £90 is good market value for the 900 service and all the sport which comes with the BT Box Pro also.

I don’t think it’s much more now but as a new customer.

The beauty of Openreach is that you can go to any ISP so you can leave BT, go to EE perhaps and then come back to BT as a new customer again.

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