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Switching from BT to EE

I won't recommend switching to EE from BT, as I tried 4 times to make use of the Black Friday deal from EE and bring my Broadband costs down, but on the 4th attempt they were prepared to offer me the same speed as my current BT broadband which is 900mb as I'm on full fibre, but at an increased cost, and being they're one and the same company, I would've have though the current contract would transfer over.

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Re: Switching from BT to EE

From the post elsewhere why do you think you should be able to exit a current contract early & pay less? Doesn't matter if it's BT or EE & hardly a reason to not recommend switching

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Re: Switching from BT to EE

Because when I read other posts, one person was given an early exit fee, when in fact he shouldn't have as he was only changing provider and not company. 

If I was leaving BT and going to Virgin Media / o2 for example then I would expect to pay an exit fee.

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Re: Switching from BT to EE

My contract runs out on 3rd April.

i priced up the package I needed on the EE website which came to 78.99 

I was told that BT would make the switch so I tried but they came up with a price of over £100

its very hard to gain any savings by switching between these two companies - it only makes you inclined to cancel contract and switch to totally different supplier

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Re: Switching from BT to EE

I was told by another forum member , that if I made the switch from BT to EE, I wouldn’t incur early exit fees,

but this morning I got an email from BT saying if I continue with the move on the 14th March. 

I would need to pay nearly £900 in exit fees. So someone is giving me false information. 

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Re: Switching from BT to EE

there has been other posts like your but there should be NO exit fees when you switch from BT to EE

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