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Topcashback declined my cashback


I did my original order through topcashback, picking BT as my provider because of the proposed £85.00 cashback.

I spoke with an advisor to make the order as a needed to ask some information before proceed with the order. Then i ordered Full fibre 500.

After a call to check all details, the advisor on the phone founded a mistake in the house number so he told me that he fixed it.

Now Topcashback declined my claim saying:

"Unfortunately it seems that the merchant has taken the decision to decline this submission, and as such we have not received any cashback to pay over to you or add as a pending indication to your account.

The reason that we have received to support this decision states…

“order cancelled, returned, or refunded”."

I then tried to explain that BT corrected the house number but they replied this:

"So due to the amendment it seems that a new order was created by the retailer, that being the case this would then now be seen as a direct order rather than one made through ourselves.
If the purchase isn't seen as being through us then the network won't pass anything onto us, for us to then give to you.
We are sorry but due to this we cannot query this further."

What can i do? Coul you help me, please?

Thank you.




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