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Tried to pay outstanding amount, but full bill was taken - absolutely wiped our money out



We've had a pretty crappy time since the end of last November, when my well paid contract job wasn't renewed. 

My partner, who works in retail has tried to support us and our bills with her just above minimum wage since then, with me interviewing for new contracts and/or permanent jobs since then. Had a couple of 1st and final interviews on the same day on Thursday last week.  Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, (me, as a professional [legal] computer hacker), I've been doing as much as I can as a builder's labourer, just to get the odd few twenties of pounds in to buy the essentials such as food and fuel for the car for the queen to get to work at the shop she works in.

We've been cut off from BT a couple of times since November because of DD payments now being paid from my bank account. 

The lovely person at the end of the chat on a webpage thing reconnected us a couple of weeks ago, given the promise of paying the overdue amount (not the full amount) by the end of Feb. It didn't happen for various reasons.

In a position today to pay an outstanding amount of £95.44, which I typed in the "you need to pay your bill" page when BT cuts your internet off. The total bill after the overdue amount was 191 pounds. So, I gave my queen a hundred quid in cash and said you pay this from your account and this will cover it.  Bear in mind I distinctly typed in I wanted to pay the overdue amount of 95.44, not the 191 total bill...

The queen entered her card details, and low and frikkin behold, BT have now taken 191 odd quid out of her account!!!!!!


Sat waiting since just gone 9PM for the message us button to appear to dispute the payment and guess what?! No mesage us button. It's her 40th birthday next week, and she had arranged (and saved up for) a night out with her work ladies tomorrow night. Now it can't happen on a special event because of BT taking the whole bill.


Sorry to rant, but I'm so frikking frustrated with BT and their underhand way of taking the whole payment amount, despite the carefully entered outstanding amount. Not only has it emptied the queen's bank account, but it now means she can't go out and celebrate her 40th birthday with her friends.  This might not seem a big deal to some readers of this rant of mine, but it's her 40th - a special occasion in a person's life. Thanks BT!!!!

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