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Two Accounts Numbers on My BT Account

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There are 2 account numbers linked to my account and it is the old one that appears to be the main one which is causing issues. Whenever i click on 'Your products' it shows that I have nothing which is obviously not the case. I have also recently signed up to the package that gives me an Xbox Gamepass, but in order to do this I have to be able to go to my content and click the the link in there. Unfortunately, because it automatically goes to my old account, there is no link to click on as it shows that I have no packages.

Could I please request that my old account number is deleted, as until this is done I'm not able to access the Xbox Gamepass or see any of my products in my account.



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Re: Two Accounts Numbers on My BT Account

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Hi @Mikey_H and welcome to our community.

Thanks for posting about your Xbox gamepass, sorry you're having problems claiming it. If you're not using BT Cloud you can set up a new BTiD using a different email address if you have one and then add the new account. That should sort this for you. If that doesn't suit then drop me a reply to the message I've just sent you. Just a heads up, we're really busy at present so it's taking longer than usual to reply but once you submit the details we will get to you.



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