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Unable to Access My BT via home wi-fi


I am a BT Halo 3+ customer and have been having issues since last Friday with access to My BT via the app and online.

I can log in to the My BT app ok via my home wi-fi but when I try to view my bill usage or products I get a message saying "Sorry looks like we're having some technical issues, try again later."

However, if I switch to use mobile data, on my phone, I can access all information without any issues, except that if I go into Halo benefits it says that I can't book a Home Tech Expert visit until my current fault has been fixed. If I then click over to faults, it says there are no active faults on my account !

In addition, when I try to log in to My BT via a web browser using my home wi-fi I get a message to say that unexpectedly closed the connection - so I am unable to log in, but if I again switch to mobile data on my phone I can log in ok without any issues.

I have tried using other web browsers, restarting and resetting my Smart Hub 2, without success and I have no issues accessing any other websites or Streaming apps etc. via my home wi-fi, just My BT. 

I would appreciate any advice or guidance anyone can offer to help me to get things working properly again as I have no idea as to why it has suddenly gone wrong, or how I can fix it !


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