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Unable to set up BT ID for My BT

Hey all, former BT customer, recently moved back to BT as they had a great offer to return. 

Problem is, I'm unable to set up a BT ID with my email to access my account online/on the app, it was the email I used when a previous customer, can't log in, can't attach my new account to it.

edit: have tried password recovery and when I go through the process of changing the password, it still doesn't let me log back in

Have tried to create a new BT ID with a different email and attach my new account number to it and it gives me a message saying there was a technical issue and it doesnt go through

So right now I can't log in, can't access My BT online or the app and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to what I could do to get it sorted so I can keep on top of bills and useage.

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Re: Unable to set up BT ID for My BT

Have you still been using your "old" BT email address on a regular basis. If it has not been used with in 150 days it will have been deleted.


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Re: Unable to set up BT ID for My BT

Hey! It wasn't a BT email. It was a hotmail account that was connected to the account when I was a customer in the past.

I've tried to connect that same hotmail email to the account now to access My BT but it does not go through when I follow the set-up.

I tried another email account also which was a hotmail account but was met with the same error message.
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