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Unable to view call Usage

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I had an issue, Unable to view call Usage, which has now been solved. The details may be helpful for people with the same problem. I was able to download bills, but could not access current usage, having just changed from unlimited calls to 700 minutes per month. The error message was “Sorry, we're having problems loading your usage.” with a picture of a man at the top of a telephone pole. An online chat eventually identified that my status was Account Manager, and I should be Account Holder. I went into the account and changed the status, waited another 48 hours for the system to update, and the problem was solved. 

Apart from the contract change, I see no reason for this anomaly to arise, having been a long-standing BT customer.

I hope this information will help anyone with a similar problem to resolve it easily.

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Re: Unable to view call Usage

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Hi @JimUser and welcome.

Thanks for posting about the call usage. I'm sure this will help any other members who might be having the same problem. Deffinitely worth checking the Acount Holder Status.



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Re: Unable to view call Usage

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I too had this problem when MyBT was upgraded. Rang BT who said it was a technical issue and would look into it and it has been sorted but looking at my account it shows me as Account manager.

I also suffered with the duplicate email billing notification but since the above problem being sorted I didn't receive any email for the latest bill so I presume this may be related to the the Account manager but who knows. All I know is that I haven't done anything apart from re-contracting in March.

I may change to Account holder if I don't get an email notification for the next bill but I seem to have complete access to  everything a holder does eg all broadband security options.

Just had a look at BT WiFi options and got told I had to be the Account holder so I have changed it.

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