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Unlimited Data Family SIM renewal nightmare


I'm hoping one of the mods can help with a BT systems problem that has been ongoing since mid July. It's unfortunately a long story.

My 2x100Gb Family Sims were up for renewal on July 19th. They were both linked to a Halo No Limits package so were not simply doubled up to 200Gb per month. I also received unlimited landline calls.

In June I received a renewal offer of the same package with unlimited mobile data on a 12 month deal for £25 for 1 sim but saving on each additional one.

Calling the number on the letter, on July 6th, I was told sorry we only sell EE products now and you can't renew Family SIM packages. Worse than that, I was told ”marketing are sending these letters out in error and they shouldn't be doing that" .

I tried again the same day and spoke to the value team who agreed to renew on the terms of the offer, 2x100GB Family Sims doubling to unlimited data and, crucially, keeping the Halo No Limits landline calls for £45 total, as I had before the annual price rises.

Unfortunately, the contracts came through as 2 x100Gb doubled to 200Gb each, with the landline transferring to PAYG.

Knowing it sometimes takes a day or two for Halo links to kick in, I gave it a couple of days before raising a complaint on-line on the 10th.

Looking on the 13th, I saw 2 calls had been booked but not attempted, so I called the value team. They said that they handled complaints as well and could help. We agreed to put me back on my original contract and cancel the order of the 6th and then re-contract  once that cleared down.

The cancellation got stuck, taking six weeks to clear with multiple emails to the Data Integrity team, next level DI, Single User Faults etc and ultimately a forced closure of the order.

These have broken the linkage between the front end and back end systems so that the two Sims aren't properly linked to my account. I can see them in the bills/usage but not in my package details, only receiving an error message instead.

At the moment I am still being billed as 2x100Gb Family Sims doubled to 200Gb, with the landline still on PAYG

So far I've spoken to 13 or more different people over the last 2 months, with three promising to own the problem and diarising call backs after allowing up to 5 days for the DI teams to sort the problem. Two have even given their email addresses for follow up, but never reply.

At the moment I am still being billed as 2x100Gb Family Sims doubled to 200Gb, with the landline still on PAYG.

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Re: Unlimited Data Family SIM renewal nightmare

Hi @NoSirItWasntMe

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I am really sorry you have had so many problems with your renewal order.  We don't deal with mobile from here however due to all the problems, we'll give you a hand to get you in touch with the right people to help you out.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Unlimited Data Family SIM renewal nightmare

Thanks @RobbieMac  I have just replied to your private message.



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