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Upgrade to Full Fibre

Back in July I had an offer from BT to upgrade to Full Fibre ie fibre to the house replacing the current copper wire.

So I made an order on 29th July & installation  was booked for a Friday at the end of August.

I've had no contact from BT but on the orders webpage the installation date just moves forward a day each day.

I'm not expecting instant results but having approached me with the offer I would expect to have been kept up to date. I've always found BT to be efficient but I'm guessing this delay is down to Open Reach who have a pretty dreadful reputation.

I've now been approached by the people installing the new Vodafone (?) fibre. I don't really want to change having been with BT for 16 years but it is tempting.

Is my problem typical of BT/ Open Reach?




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Re: Upgrade to Full Fibre

@David_Fisher What does it day for your address when going to:

Post the results  here.  example shown at

I'm assuming the offer was once Openreach FTTP is available to your address then you would be upgraded ?

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Re: Upgrade to Full Fibre

I've done the online checker as below: full fibre seems to be available?

Address 65, PLYMOUTH on Exchange CROWNHILL is served by Cabinet 60
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Hand back Threshold(Mbps) WBC FTTC Availability Date WBC SOGEA Availability Date High Low High Low      VDSL Range A (Clean) David_Fisher_0-1671367726197.gif
VDSL Range B (Impacted) David_Fisher_1-1671367726198.gif
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range (Mbps) Availability Date FTTP Install Process WBC FTTP
Up to 1000Up to 220--AvailableKCI2 Assure
ADSL Products Downstream Line Rate (Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range(Mbps) Availability Date WBC ADSL 2+ADSL Max WBC Fixed Rate Fixed Rate
Up to 2.5--1 to 4Available
Up to 2--1 to 3.5Available
SOADSL Products Downstream Line Rate (Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range(Mbps) WBC SOADSL Availability Date Left in Jumper WBC SOADSL 2+SOADSL Max SOADSL Fixed Rate
Up to 2.5--1 to 4----
Up to 2-- ----
Up to 1--1 to 3.5----
Other Offerings Availability Date VDSL Multicast ADSL Multicast
Exchange Product Restrictions Status FTTP Priority Exchange WLR Withdrawal SOADSL Restriction

Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises:-Single Dwelling Unit Residential OH Feed potential Line of sight problems.

FTTP is available and a new ONT may be ordered.

The exchange is not in a current fibre priority programme

WLR is currently available at the exchange

SOADSL is restricted at the exchange

For all ADSL and WBC Fibre to the Cabinet (VDSL or G. fast) services, the stable line rate will be determined during the first 10 days of service usage.

Actual speeds experienced by end users and quoted by CPs will be lower due to a number of factors within and external to BT's network, Communication Providers' networks and within customer premises.

In order to be eligible for hand back, downstream speed should be less than Downstream Hand back Threshold values.

If you decide to place an order for a WBC fibre product, an appointment may be required for an engineer to visit the end user's premises to supply the service

Mildenhall exchange: Only single order products are available and ADSL and ADSL2+ products are not shown as available. However for premises that can only be served by SOADSL, BT will continue to accept ADSL and ADSL2+ orders until SOADSL is available.

Thank you for your interest

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Re: Upgrade to Full Fibre

Thanks @David_Fisher best to give the FTTP Team a call to see what's happening: 0800 587 4787

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