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Website Deals - False advertising?

Hello - can anyone tell me where on the website it will show if a deal is for a new customer or not?  I'm trying to reduce costs because the monthly bill has went up quite significantly.  I've tried adding 'deals' to the cart saying I'm a new customer and as an existing customer.  When I go to the checkout as an existing customer they are charging me approx £20 more than the deal that I'm after.  Did an online chat and was told that the new deals were for new customers only.  I asked where it said that but they couldn't direct me to this.  I also enquired why the deal she was offering had different download speeds for new and existing customers since the speeds she quoted were less than advertised even though the deal I was looking at knew my address.  Again, was fobbed off.  Asked to speak to a manager but have to phone.  I think that this may be false advertising but perhaps someone could confirm before I call.

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Re: Website Deals - False advertising?

are you out of current contract or nearing the end of your contract?

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