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When can i leave BT Broadband without penalty?

So i have been with BT for landline and broadband for 12 years now and a couple of years ago i agreed to a new contract which ends 15 NOV 2022.

Notcied that new customers get the same or even faster packages than i get for half what i am paying for so called BT a few weeks ago to see when i could negotiate my next contract (i normally do this a week or two before the contract ends) and i was told its three months before it ends. So i said "After 15 August?" and the reply was "Well anytime in August really".

So i called today and basically BT can't/won't do anything to retain me as a customer so i want to leave when the contract is up to goto another provider, where i will get the same broadband but half price.

The lad is spoke was sure that I could, maybe, possibly leave after 15 August without penalty and that to be really sure i should call them again after 15 August.

The inforamtion that i have read seems to indicate the penalty free leaving period is weeks, not months.

Can anyone advise what my options are, please?

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Re: When can i leave BT Broadband without penalty?

If your existing contract has a minimum term that expires 15 Nov 2022 then if you move provider before then ETC will be payable , if you want to minimise the ETC but also don’t want to go much further than the minimum term , if looking at other Openreach based providers, then it’s 10-14 days to migrate so you should be looking at contacting the alternative around the start of November, TBH it’s not worth fixating on the exact date , a few days earlier, the ETC is minimal, a few Eaton’s after , you pay a full month at the out of contract price , but are refunded any days paid for after the actual changeover.

If you want to negotiate a better deal with BT , you are probably trying way too early as you have over 2 months left on your existing deal

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Re: When can i leave BT Broadband without penalty?

You will have to pay early cancellations fees right up until your minimum term contract ends.

You may find that some Internet Providers will cover those cost in order to get you to join them but you will need to ask any new provider if they will do that. 

You could try call BT 0800.800.030 to see if you can negotiate any thing as regards renewing your present contract.

Leaving BT | BT Help

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Re: When can i leave BT Broadband without penalty?

Thank you. The best BT could do was reduce the current cost by £1.00 for no real tangible benefit.

So not sure why the retention team are advising that i can leave within the three months prior to the end date.

There is something simalar with gas and electricity contracts where you can leave in the last 45 days without penalty (exit fees) .

So unless a new provider will cover my exit fee, i'll have to ensure that any new start date with a new provider is after 15 NOV 2022.


I'll try the 0800 800 030 number tomorrow and report back.

Many thanks

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