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Would a March Full Fibre Installation Ordered Now Be Subject To March 24 Price Increase

Previous years re-contracts from 1 March have not been subject to that years March price increase.

17 March 2024 contract ends - Fibre 1 - £25.15 - also benefitting from line rental saver discount which is no longer available, effectively a discount lost higher price going to be paid going forward.

Last week incoming call from BT told me minimum price is £26.99 for that we can offer Full Fibre 100, I mentioned about March price increase as well as preference for  cheaper costs and that I do not need faster speeds , happy with speed I have, during conversation person who phoned said full fibre installation can be in March because as you know price increase in March. (Previous incoming phone call from BT offered me same price I paying now + March increase which amounts to same thing)

After considering pros and cons of cheaper full fibre offers elsewhere and fact I would qualify for Vodaphone essentials broadband, not means tested ESA thus would not qualify for BT essential BB, albeit Vodaphone has been attracting negative feedback from people unable to get a response after submitting application for essential BB I decided to take BT offer out.

Phoned BT yesterday morning person I spoke to said FF engineer could be booked for March depending on how long forward can book engineer, when I mentioned about renewals after 1 March not attracting this years price increase answer via a manager was not to take order on that basis and that orders after March (specifically highlighted term after March )    would not be subject to this years March price increase and that if I ordered yesterday would get email stating price would increase on 31 March

So I left it, I realise Fibre 100 offer for £26.99 might now not be available.

If i wait until 1 March to order run risk of going into out of contract price depending on engineer availability/if I end up switching elsewhere. ( 30 days notice period) as offers likely to have changed by then, would not renew with BT if price was higher than £26.99 for first 12 months of 24 month contract.


"Would a March Full Fibre Installation Ordered Now Be Subject To March 24 Price Increase" being as new contract would start after full fibre has been installed?





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