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Wrongful default on credit file

Would anyone please have some advice on what to do for a short term debt wrongfully recorded on my account?

I moved from my previous broadband supplier to BT back in December 2021. As part of the switch BT was supposed to cancel my account with my previous supplier however this didn't happen. Because of this I was paying for broadband with both companies. When I noticed this, I cancelled the account with my previous supplier and contacted BT who rectified the issue and credited my account with an amount to make up for the payments I made to my previous supplier as the account was not cancelled when it was supposed to be.

I thought the problem had been resolved, but then I check my credit report a while later as I'm applying for mortgages to find that there is a short term debt recorded recorded on my account with BT for the same amount that I was credited which was applied at the same time.

I know that the debt relates to the credit that was added, as my monthly bill amount comes directly off the credit that is on the account. Reflecting this, my credit report states that the debt amount with BT decreases every month for the same amount. According to my credit report I am paying the debt off monthly, when in reality the credit amount on my account is reducing monthly to pay for my bill. 

The credit that was added to my account to rectify the mistake has been recorded to the credit agencies as a 'small term debt' which has destroyed my credit score meaning that I have been declined for a mortgage.

I have phoned BT dozens of times and I cannot seem to get anywhere. I am being told to raise a dispute with Equifax which I have done. Equifax require authorisation from BT to make any amendments to my credit report, however BT are not acknowledging that there is an issue to amend. 

The responses I, and Equifax have received are along the lines of "Rory has a perfect payment history and is not currently in debt with us, therefore no amendments are required" (I have emails from BT and Equifax for evidence). BT are trying to say that they have not mistakenly recorded the credit as a debt, therefore nothing needs to be changed as his account is in perfect order.

This is not the case, I have provided evidence from Clearscore, and Equifax to say that there is a negative mark on my account which has been placed there by BT and given this to yourselves and still nothing is being done. Equifax cannot do anything without authorisation which BT are refusing to give.

I have already been declined for a mortgage and I need to have this resolved ASAP as my lease is coming to an end. Please can somebody reach out to try and help me, and please don't advise to contact Equifax because they cannot do anything at this stage unless something changes at BT's side of things.  @RobbieMac @JohnC2 @PaddyB @NeilO 


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Re: Wrongful default on credit file


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

I am not sure a moderator can help with this.


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Re: Wrongful default on credit file

Hi @RoryW Thanks for posting, I'm sorry if your credit file has been incorrectly impacted. This is strange, I've never come across a case where credit on a BT account is showing as a short-term debt as it's money we owe you.

I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll try and find someone who can help.



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