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XBox Game pass Unlinking of Account

I got 12 months of xbox game pass which was great but its now at an end but I see I have the issue may customers has faced in delinking their account to purchase a new game pass how do I achieve this I dont want to go onto the call centre as takes forever to expalin.

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Re: XBox Game pass Unlinking of Account

Hi @david39ni welcome back to the community and thanks for posting, did you opt out of the Game pass auto-renew option in MyBT?



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Re: XBox Game pass Unlinking of Account

Earlier this year it took me about 2 months with at least 50 hours on the phone to at least a dozen different customer service agents to finally get control of my GPU billing back.

I'm not going to name names but there was even a Mod in here who assured me he was on the case but never got back to me, even ignoring requests from call centre agents to get back in touch with me.

Rather ironic that eventually it got sorted by an agent who actually lives in the same village as us, he was able to hunt down this 'back office' team in Newcastle who apparently exclusively deal with this locked to BT GPU issue.

This has been a known problem for as long as they've been giving away free GPU subscriptions with the various fibre packages which begs the question why have they not sorted it yet?

You need to get hold of this lot in Newcastle, they're the only dept with the know how and/or tools to sort it. 

I can't tell you how good it felt to finally be able to get 3 years of Gold from CDKeys for around 75 quid and then load it on to my Xbox account once more, before converting it in to 3 years GPU with the 1 month's free GPU that came with my new laptop   🕺 

We'll probably stay with BT Fibre when our contract ends in March next year but I will never ever redeem the free GPU that comes with it again!