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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 months


I signed up for BT Halo in January and was told I could receive a 6 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which I redeemed the offer successfully back in January.

After 2 months BT appear to have cancelled it or not paid the Microsoft Bill and is now showing at Microsoft as being Cancelled.

When trying to re-add it in my BT account, it keeps saying that it's down for maintainence.

I'm a little annoyed as I got an email last month from BT saying that they were cancelling it due to fraud on my account, to which I have been a BT customer for years and had the same phone number for over 20 years. I contacted BT and they said it was an error and that it had been sent out to loads of people and to ignore it, not to worry and the Xbox pass would continue and apologised for the worrying email.

A month later, it's cancelled.

I did tell BT that if they want to scam me by telling me upgrade your broadband and we will give you an Xbox pass and then take it back off me, you can downgrade my broadband to the previous package and bill me what I was being billed before as this is unacceptable backwards and forwards with this pass.

Sorry if I come across as being harsh, but this has really urked me like BT don't want to pay for it anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 months

Hi @hitmusic and welcome to the community.

Thanks for posting about your Xbox game pass. I'm sorry there's been problems with it. I'm sure I can help you. I've sent you a message so check your inbox and drop me over the details.



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