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broadband activation has been delayed for 2 weeks

im a new customer switched from SKY(150M FTTP) and ordered the 500M fiber on Mar 15 ish.

I thought it’s a straightforward transfer. But BT keep telling me there is a fault externally (Openreach)that need to fix and delay my activation (supposed be on 30Mar), in 48hrs/end of this week/end of today/ aim to finish next Monday, etc. The date they aim to fix is extended again and again, I still don’t know if they know where is the fault ,why they can’t fix it. Sometime I’m wondering do BT  know where the earth the fault is, as the chat record or the note became more complicate. The new agency take times to understand what’s happening on my broadband and I’m tired to explain. And I can’t hear back from Openreach about there status. I tried call Openreach but obviously they don’t deal with individual broadband issue and ask me contact BT.


Im now hopeless and in the endless waiting. Could someone help me please.

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Re: broadband activation has been delayed for 2 weeks

Hi @jswszx welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to see there is an issue with your new BT broadband service. I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can send your details over to the moderation team and we'll be happy to help. 



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