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Should you get compensation for loss of service (6 days) due to stormy weather

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Re: compensation

If it's a total loss of service then auto compensation would qualify, if you reported it and it wasn't repaired within 2 working days, you can read more information at Automatic Compensation 

  • If you experience total loss of service and it’s not fixed within two working days, you’ll receive £8.40 automatic compensation
  •  You’ll receive another £8.40 for every day you have to wait after that, not including the day your service is activated
  • You are eligible for compensation if your service isn’t activated by midnight on the second working day after you reported your fault.


What is total loss of service?

  • Total loss of phone service is when you’re unable to make or receive any calls, or your phone service only works one way, but should work both ways
  • Total loss of broadband service is when you can’t access the internet.


Reasons you wouldn’t get compensation

  • If the fault was caused by something on your property
  • If you turned down or cancelled an engineer appointment or weren't at home
  • But if your activation is late because you missed an appointment, and then on the day of the second appointment your repair doesn’t happen, you’ll receive compensation from that day
  • If you haven't experienced total loss of service.


Here’s how it works…

If you report a fault on a Monday, you'll get £8.40 compensation if it hasn't been fixed by midnight on Wednesday. That's £8.40 for the missed activation day (Wednesday). But if your service isn't activated until Friday you'll be paid £16.80 – so £8.40 for the missed activation day (Wednesday), and another £8.40 for the full day you had to wait (Thursday).

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