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0Mbps guarentee


I have a situation that is a bit confusing so I would like to ask a few questions. I just signed a new contract with BT for a Broadband 2 months ago, and in the meantime, I got another job, and I have to move to another city. At my new address, BT cannot guarantee me the same speed, so after a phone call I went for a new cheaper offer that was suggested by the customer service, and it was supposed to guarantee me 10Mbs which is fine for my need.

After signing a new agreement and setting every detail and date of moving the broadband, I got the mail saying that BT guarantees me 0Mbps speed on my new address. And I have to say it's a bit beyond my expectations...

After that, I got the e-mail saying that one day after Broadband activation on my new address it will be moved back to my old address. And it is because of some "auto-cease" actions that I've found in the order tracking history, and I don't know anything about it.

Overall it looks a bit like that auto-cease happened because BT cannot guarantee the even slower speed at my new address, am I right? The thing is that I will not be at my old address in 2 weeks, and I need an internet connection at my new address. So it would be nice to get clear information on what is going on.

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Re: 0Mbps guarentee

enter your new address and post results  this should give indication of what is available and speed range

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