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BT Cloud and MAC OS Ventura 13.5

I haven't used BT Cloud recently and can see no related posts so here goes:

Yesterday I decided to backup a new project onto BT Cloud and moved the new folder into "BT Cloud sync" folder but received no notification of "Files Processed".  Noticed "Unexpected Error' on Desktop App and saw that syncing was erratic. Checked the Web App and nothing received.  Attempted to update Desktop App but pop-up advised installed app is in fact newer.

Returning to Web App I attempted to upload the folder; "upload" button did grey out but otherwise no obvious activity.  Repeated with smaller folders but no success.

Resorted to creating the required folders and sub folders within the web app then uploading the relevant files in batches necessitating a return to 'All Files", ticking each required file and then "Move to Folder".  A few hundred documents involved so very time consuming and frustrating.

Thoughts please as to what has gone wrong, my process, incompatible apps or a "settings" issue?

PS the old "Dashboard GUI" is no longer visible has that been removed following one of the updates?

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