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BT Virus Protect switch to Norton

I've attempted to switch to Norton but keep getting a "Server Error" message.  I've checked all my recommended  details are correct (i.e.BT ID, a/c holder status, MacOS version acceptable) and have also successfully uninstalled McAfee but I still keep getting the same Server Error message returned.  

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Norton server error

I have installed Norton and it seemed to be working. Now I get this error message and the link just takes me back to the BT screen


2022-02-22 Norton.png





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Re: BT Virus Protect server error

Hi Neil0

I have the same problem as Helen,

"I'm trying to update to Norton on my laptop.

I've checked I'm an Account Holder and my BT ID is the email address on my account.

In security The BT Virus Protect tab has changed from 'Switch to Norton' to 'Manage'  but just keeps coming up with ' Server Error'."

but I'm still cannot get passed the server error I would be grateful for any help you can give me





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Re: BT Virus Protect switch to Norton

If you check forum posts you will see similar posts and more reply saying known problem and trying to get it fixed

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Norton Password Manager - Server Error

I am getting "Server Error" when logging into Norton Account via BT from the Password Manager browser page "Setting up Web Browser" or "Setup Mobile App" with Edge on my laptop. Also the same thing happens when trying to use Password Manager on Android mobile.

Norton Password Manager via BT has been working fine since first available until today. When it first didn't work today I thought I had maybe forgotten my password so guessed a few times which may have caused the issue. And I've tried reinstalling apps and restarting laptop & phone to no avail.

Also get "Server Error" when using My BT>Products>Security>Manage for either "Norton Password Manager" or "BT Virus Protect".

I notice some similar issues on here today.

Any assistance please?

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Re: BT Virus Protect switch to Norton

Yes, I have seen this these posts but I was reacting after reading a similar post from another user earlier today who had managed to download Norton after being told by the moderator that the problem had now been sorted out.  

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Re: BT Virus Protect switch to Norton

Hi All, thank you and I'm sorry that you're still getting this error. 

I've reported it and will keep you updated. 



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Re: BT Virus Protect switch to Norton


I have had Norton installed for a few weeks now and it has been working (?) until today and I am now getting the same error, it appears that it is a server error at Norton.

As a retired programmer and project manager I find this product much poorer designed and implemented than the MacAfee system. 



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Re: BT Virus Protect switch to Norton

Has happened to me today. I've tried on two different computers and the server error appears on both.  I've attempted to re-add to chrome and edge without success. What's the issue??

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Re: BT Virus Protect switch to Norton

I too have the same issue.

Upgraded to Norton as requested some time ago and all was working until yesterday, when the Norton server error prevents me signing in to both My Norton and Norton Password Manager.

Some sort of update regarding when the issue is likely to be resolved would be appreciated.

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