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BT Wi-Fi

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Hi - I'm a new BT Broadband customer and as such have free access to BT Wi-Fi hotspots when I'm on the move.

Q: am I allowed to share my BT Wi-Fi access with other family members?

I saw a note (here: ) that with a voucher you are allowed to connect with three different devices simultaneously and with a subscription, five different devices simultaneously. Elsewhere (here: it says you can connect to five devices with a voucher.

I can find no information anywhere on the number of simultaneous devices for BT Broadband customer devices. It says broadband customers have "free, unlimited access", but it doesn't mention how many devices or users.


Does anyone know the answer please?

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Re: BT Wi-Fi

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

Only the account holder (you) would have access as it requires the use of your BT ID and password which if you shared it, would allow other family members to access your BT account.

What you can do is to enter your login details into another family member`s BT Wi-Fi phone app, without them seeing what you have entered. This would be hidden within the app and they would not be able to see it.



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Re: BT Wi-Fi

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Hi - thank you for your kind reply.

Just to be clear, while I understand your point about sharing credentials and appreciate your workaround using the app, is what you are suggesting something that is permitted by BT? Do they allow other family members to use credentials (assuming they don't see them, and aren't given access to the account management)?

Thanks, Tom

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Re: BT Wi-Fi

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BT do not stop you sharing you connection with family members, they do not have the ability to detect who is using the connection, however concurrent connections from different locations, may flag up an issue.

Also bear in mind there is a Fair Usage Policy which places restrictions on the number of connected minutes, so you could end up with no allowance left if other users use the connection.