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Keep getting charged for Xbox Fames Pass despite 12 months free

Hope someone is able to help as this is really frustrating.

In August 2023 I renewed my broadband for 24 months.  The clincher for me agreeing to the deal was being offered 12 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost.  As this was something I already used, this was a good deal.  However, I keep getting charged for the pass.  I have had to call BT about this on a few occasions and keep getting told it will be sorted but it never is.

I was charged for it in Sept and October, not charged in Nov and Dec and charged again in Jan and Feb.  Today's phone call was the most frustrating yet.  The first advisor said it was because I had set up the games pass incorrectly as I should have selected a 12 month option... I have never been told this before.  Second advisor I was put through to told me that it was only 6 months I should get but their solution was to recontract me and give me another 12 months free.  They didn't take it well when I said that the solution to my problem should not involve me having to recontract.

Is anyone able to help?

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Re: Keep getting charged for Xbox Games Pass despite 12 months free

Any mods able to help as I'm fed up attempting to deal with this on the phone and getting passed around. 



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Re: Keep getting charged for Xbox Games Pass despite 12 months free

Hi @ledgie and thanks for posting.

Sorry you're having problems with the Xbox game pass. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. Check your inbox for my message and drop me over the details.