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Mybt app login

Hi, I can no longer log in to the app.  This is maybe since updating to Android 14.

When attempting to log in  I can enter username and password ok, then it sends me a code by sms. Going to read the sms and coming back to the Mybt app, the app has gone back to asking for username and password.  After a few times round this cycle Android pops up saying 'Mybt keeps crashing '.

I've cleared cache, cleared memory, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, left it for a fortnight and tried again, no effect.

No problem logging in on a tablet, but that doesn't receive the sms so I don't have to  switch apps.

What to do?

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Re: Mybt app login

Isn't this supposed to be the official way to get help from BT? Or have I misunderstood. No help yet, anyway.
Maybe it's the title - should I have called it "My BT app keeps crashing, can't log in"?
How do I edit the title?
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Re: Mybt app login

this is a customer help customer community forum. your post do not go to BT.  the forum mods are BT employees but do not necessarily read every post

there is no point in replying if unable to help

as I have android 14 and no problem opening MYBT that is not the problem

can you not use split screen so have 2 apps open on screen at same time

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Re: Mybt app login

Thanks, my misunderstanding then.

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