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Norton and server error

For reasons irrelevant, I had to recently uninstall my Norton. When I went to reinstall it, I got :

"Server error please try again.

Error while saving your pages, please try again."

so I'm unable to download it.

I realise this has been an issue for others, so :

I'm on a Windows 8.1

All updates are installed.

I am the account holder.
I have used 3 different browsers, same result.
I have tried changing both the BTID and password for my BT account, same result.
There is obviously an issue here, so what's the workaround?
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Re: Norton and server error

Hi @minion65,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community. I'm sorry if you're having problems activating BT Virus Protect.

It sounds like you have done everything you can at your end to resolve the issue. If you send me your details, I'll be able to give you a hand and run a few checks.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Norton and server error

Windows 8.1 is no longer supported by Microsoft and thus as Norton is now owned by Microsoft that's probably why. Free update to Windows 10 at the Microsoft site is your first option. (I personally don't like Norton and don't use it as it messes up my VPN ...) 

Secondly establish whether your computer is capable of running Windows 11. Windows10 will cease to be supported in 2 years and thus not really safe to use.

Consider a computer upgrade or if not possible then consider changing operating system to Chrome Flex (It's free and there are plenty of videos on YouTube which show you how to do it.)  An old computer will run this very well, (I have 3 running on this system), and if you are familiar with Google and all the add ons that are available you may find this meets your needs if you only use your computer for web browsing and don't need Microsoft programs. 

Main thing is..Move on from Windows 8.1 asap. 




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Re: Norton and server error

1) Once my Windows 8.1 laptop dies, I'll happily move on to Windows 11.

2) Most importantly, I have also tried this on a Windows 10 laptop with the same result. So, my laptop is NOT the problem, especially as I had no problems downloading Norton a few weeks ago on the same laptop, on which nothing has changed.

The server error comes up as soon as one hits the "Activate" button on the BT site, the problem is almost certainly an issue between the BT and Norton sites.

tbh I'm going to happily live without Norton from now on. Just a shame I can't get the same BT package without the Norton for a lower price (before anyone says it's free, it's really not).

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